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Oct 02

Splunk> Veterans

Splunk, once again, steps up to the plate to offer free training to veterans through their SplunkWork+ program. Visit SplunkWork+ | Veterans for more details. Biggest hurdle to signing up is the time required to verify your military service through TroopID.

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Sep 02

splunkd restart taking forever splunkweb taking forever to start

Are you running a version of Splunk Enterprise prior to 6.6.3 and the restarts are taking forever? I feel your pain. If I wasn't at work, I'd probably take a nap while waiting for the services to come back up.

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Aug 30


I'll be the first to admit that i don't like Windows or anything to do with SQL. Fortunately, that does not exempt me from having to build use cases and Splunk searches for my "customers". It's fortunate because there is no progress in the comfort zone. Outside of your standard means of mitigating SQLi attacks, such as, using stored procedures, input sanitation, etc. I don't know much else about SQLi attacks.

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